Games have changed.
Kids have not.
There’s nothing more natural for kids than to move, to play, and to make new friends, yet they seem to be doing less and less of it these days.In the real world, at least.In the digital world, their movement, play and friend lists have increased substantially.
Full Body Gaming
FUZED blends gaming with physical activity and exercise, helping gamers build healthier habits around what they love, and kids do what they naturally do best - be kids
Gaming as a catalyst for better health
We see every player as a body, mind, and community member
This is not a "problem generation".This is a generation with a problem created by grown-ups.It's our duty to give them tools to solve it.
Our Tools
Players earn gametime by completing physical activities
Free-to-access FUZED Arenas combine gaming with physical activity to engage kids of all ages
Our gamification engine and digital glue rewards players and connects partners and cities to our communities
Custom configured FUZED Arenas for brand activations, seminars, festivals, tournaments & more
Proof point
FUZED reaches up to 8x more young people than traditional community centres


Public community centers reaches on average only 4% of their target group: kids between 10-18 years old in the city


FUZED reaches on average 24% of the kids in the same demographic

Award-winner at Swedish Sports Gala
FUZED was awarded at the 2023 Swedish Sports Gala by H.R.H Prince Daniel, for Sweden’s best initiative to get kids into being more physically active.
United Nation Sustainable Development Goals
FUZED isn't just aligned with the SDG's —we're fundamentally built upon them. Our essence revolves around these global aspirations, from promoting health through active gaming to fostering peace and strong communities. We've created a space where gaming transcends entertainment, becoming a free, inclusive platform for all, driving digital innovation, and contributing to sustainable, equitable urban development.
Aligning with SDG's 3, 9, 10, 11, and 16
Mastercard Lighthouse MASSIV Program 2024
FUZED are proud to be part of the Mastercard Lighthouse MASSIV program, designed to empower sustainability and social impact tech startups.
End game
A global ecosystem of physical and digital tools to drive better health in gaming
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