Esports training Fortnite 16:30-18:00, ages 11-13

FUZED Helsingborg, Tuesdays & Thursdays 16:30-18:30

299 SEK

per month


Just like a football practice, it is possible to join the training program continuously. There is no start or end date.

In this program we focus on the game Fortnite.

Who can join?

This program is for 11-13 year olds.


  • Tuesdays 16:30-18:00
  • Thursdays 16:30-18:00

299 SEK per month.

Two weeks free trial.
All participants get the chance to try the trainings free of charge for two weeks. To enroll it is required to provide payment details in the checkout.

299 SEK monthly will be charged after the free trial period if the subscription isn’t canceled.

Setup and structure
Participants are given access to their places for warm-up 30 minutes before the start of the session. When the training session starts, we lock the computers and gather the participants on the sports floor for warm-up. When the physical activity is finished, the participants can return to their seats and the training begins. Up to three coaches will be present, depending on the number of participants in each group.

Rules & preparations

  • Participants should bring clothes and indoor shoes for physical activity.
  • Participants may not bring their own food or drink with the exception of fruit and water.
  • If participants bring water, it must be in a water bottle or other closed container.
  • All participants need their own Fortnite/Epic Games account. FUZED provides a couple of accounts for emergency lending, but only on one occasion.
  • All participants must have membership with FUZED, as well as the app downloaded to their mobile phone