FUZED Summer Games is our biggest project ever. With a 250 000 SEK prize pool and tournaments in CS:GO and football, every Saturday from June 24 until August 19, we want to invite you to the biggest event this summer.

About FUZED Summer Games:
FUZED Summer Games will be played Saturdays, all summer long in the facility in Helsingborg, starting June 24. It’s a unique initiative to promote the grassroots movement in Swedish sports and esports, with a total prize pool of 250 000 SEK and tournaments in football, 4v4, and CS:GO, 5v5.The ambassadors are none other than professional football player Robin Quaison andCS legend Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg.Robin had his breakthrough in AIK before moving to Italian Palermo and later Mainz inthe German Bundesliga. In recent years, Quaison has been one of the nationalfootball team's biggest stars, ending up as the the best scorer with five goalsin the Euro 2020 qualifiers. He coming back to Sweden this summer and is very excited about the Summer Games.–It's important with initiatives like this to give back to children and youngpeople. I played many tournaments with my friends when I was growing up,football was the best thing I knew. But it hasn't alwaysbeen this structured and certainly not with an opportunity to compete for aprize pool this big. Thisis an incredible initiative and I hope we’ll experience a great summer with alot of good football.f0rest has won everything that can be won,including being named the world's best player. For almost 20 years, f0rest hasdominated the world scene, especially during his time in the Swedish teamNinjas in Pyjamas.–It feels fantastic to be able to support the grassroots of Swedish esports. Atthe beginning of my career there were LAN tournaments everywhere, it was an incrediblefeeling to go out and compete against others in a physical environment. Thefact that FUZED works to create environments where young people can gather anddevelop is inspiring.